Emerging from the Anthology Workshop: cutting-edge short fiction

Oh, boy. And here I’d thought I’ve been taking risks in my writing, just because I write about gay dudes, or superpowers, or political scenarios! There’s nothing like being in the room with 40 other writers at the Anthology Workshop… Read more

Back to School: craft workshops, bloody seminars.

Every so often I decide that I absolutely must learn something. Except learning something takes time and mindful effort, which sort of gets in the way of producing more words and finishing my already-begun books. I AM SO SWAMPED!!! Yes,… Read more

Using gravity to change a tire, and other life delays.

First, some of you told me you don’t know that I have a newsletter, which will get you a free story or book in every issue! If you want to get a mailing few times a year with news and… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Don’t blame the pedicure.

A small change can reveal a big systemic error. Frustrating? You bet, but those little head-bangers are also gifts of insight and revelation. If you’re willing to accept the blame. DON’T BLAME THE PEDICURE. Don’t do what I did and… Read more