Extreme morel foraging, and news from the writing front

Whatever happened to April? It’s gone, and it it weren’t for my Instagram posts, I’d have thought it was just a figment of my imagination. I spent a lot of it writing (for news, see below), and foraging for morels… Read more

Bolete identificaton on your phone – know what you’re picking!

If you’re a funguy or a fungal, you know how painfully hard it can be to identify boletoid mushrooms in North America. There are more than 300 species with enough similarities to boggle the mind, and even though they contain… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Field chemical tests aid mushroom ID

When identifying mushrooms, easy field chemical tests are an often-overlooked resource. In case of mushrooms that are morphologically similar, a drop of FeSO4, KOH, nitric acid, or ammonia can produce a colored stain that will point you in the right… Read more