Like a Torrent: book 2 of Disorderly Elements, cover reveal and free read!

A new cover reveal, and a free read! My fabulous cover designer has delivered a finished cover for book 2 of the Disorderly Elements series, Like a Torrent, written under my Olivette Devaux pen name with Mason Winters. Now, this… Read more

New release – “Final Dash,” Book 3 of SwimBikeRun

It’s finally here, and will be available on Amazon on September 7th! The last book of the trilogy. The end of the journey. The answer to at least part of Jesse’s past – and, of course, the race itself! That’s… Read more

OUR HEARTS BEAT WITH ONE PULSE – little help adds to big action.

Orlando happened, and our hearts still beat with the same pulse. Our feeds are full of weapons and gay stuff and twisted fundamentalist preachers, of politicians trying to capitalize, of grief and anger and utter sadness. Yet the pulse beats strong…. Read more

THURSDAY COFFEE BLOG – Interviewing Amelia Faulkner, “Jack of Thorns”

Old gods, new drugs, clashing cultures. Today we have the pleasure of Amelia Faulkner’s company, who graciously agreed to answer questions about her new book, “Jack of Thorns.” As I was reading, I had to tear myself away from her riveting… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – The Magic of Apple Blossoms (+ free read)

  I’ve always wanted to love hanami and the watching of the cherry blossoms, but our Pittsburgh climate is not very yielding in that respect. Who wants to sit on a wet blanket in a jacket, shivering in near-winter temperatures?… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – boys and horses, preventing suicide

The YA I wrote last year, Sire, is classified as New Adult by my publisher, because other books in the series contain explicit content.  Okay… but this one doesn’t. It’s a story of Brent and Robbie, where Robbie becomes Rob and… Read more