The dangers of wilderness dictation – plus a freebie story!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I splurged on Dragon Dictate on the theory that sitting for prolonged periods is bad, and if I can dictate the rough draft of my stories into my phone app, I’ll… Read more

Like a Torrent: book 2 of Disorderly Elements, cover reveal and free read!

A new cover reveal, and a free read! My fabulous cover designer has delivered a finished cover for book 2 of the Disorderly Elements series, Like a Torrent, written under my Olivette Devaux pen name with Mason Winters. Now, this… Read more

Back to School: craft workshops, bloody seminars.

Every so often I decide that I absolutely must learn something. Except learning something takes time and mindful effort, which sort of gets in the way of producing more words and finishing my already-begun books. I AM SO SWAMPED!!! Yes,… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – The Magic of Apple Blossoms (+ free read)

  I’ve always wanted to love hanami and the watching of the cherry blossoms, but our Pittsburgh climate is not very yielding in that respect. Who wants to sit on a wet blanket in a jacket, shivering in near-winter temperatures?… Read more

THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – boys and horses, preventing suicide

The YA I wrote last year,¬†Sire, is classified as New Adult by my publisher, because other books in the series contain explicit content. ¬†Okay… but this one doesn’t. It’s a story of Brent and Robbie, where Robbie becomes Rob and… Read more