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This page contains a list of M/M Romance books and their buy links. Please be aware that books are suitable for readers 18+, and some contain depictions of violent or intimate situations. MM titles under Kate Pavelle will migrate to Olivette Devaux over time – get ready for cool new covers!

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 SwimBikeRun Trilogy



Sebastian is quietly in love, but his secret schemes to make his “coming out” as smooth as possible fall flat. Outed by a tabloid, his life falls apart. His only constants are Jesse, triathlon training, and a mad scramble to make the ends meet financially. You know, like most of the 99% do all the time.

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  • This book is on Kindle Unlimited until the first week of April. Kobo, B&N, and ARe will list “Hard Climb” again, once its KU run is over!






Jesse is forced to enter a company triathlon – too bad he can’t swim. Can the Crow Native leave his foster care nightmares behind and be more than training partners with Sebastian, a man born to great wealth and corporate expectation?



Steel City Stories



Attila’s ex, Theo, runs a flower shop and there’s no space for a man in his life – unless he’s someone stable, with a cubicle job and drive a Kia. Sam is a homeless gambler stuck in Pittsburgh, living out of his Porsche. It’s up to him to convince Theo that he’s not “just passing through.




Wild Horses | A Steel City Story by Kate Pavelle


Had Jesse not picked Attila’s pocket, and had Attila not texted him, they wouldn’t be running Attila’s riding stables right now. Love and trust overcomes old hurts and a hidden disability.




Zipper Fall | A Steel Cities Story by Kate Pavelle


Wyatt is an adrenaline junkie, climber, and a burglar. He meets his match – romantically and otherwise – in Jack, a volatile executive with a closetful of dark secrets. Watch the hot train-wreck of two sociopaths trying to make a happy home together!



Broken Gait | A Steel Cities Story by Kate Pavelle


Honorable mention recipient in 2015 Rainbow Awards
Showing Kai to the world as his partner at a horse show comes at a cost: Attila falters in face of his debilitating, undiagnosed autistic spectrum issues. Kai’s unfailing support helps them grow into a seamless team as Attila discovers new coping skills along with trust and true love.



Sire | A Steel Cities Story by Kate Pavelle


17-year old Brent helps as best he can when his revered Uncle Attila struggles – but the pressure of extra responsibilities, unreasonable family expectations, and discovering he’s gay crush Brent with the anxiety of losing his family forever. He just wants it to stop – permanently, if need be.



The Fall Trilogy

Breakfall | The Fall Trilogy by Kate Pavelle


Sean teaches Aikido and Asbjorn teaches karate. The two MIT students are brought even closer after Sean is brutally assaulted. Asbjorn tries in vain to protect Sean, who is being stalked while tries to bring the perpetrator to justice.



Swordfall | The Fall Trilogy by Kate Pavelle


Sean’s victory is hollow in face of a surprise jail break. Asbjorn draws on his ex-military skills to correct the error in the justice system – but an action this drastic doesn’t come without a very personal cost.



Landfall | The Fall Trilogy by Kate Pavelle


Married and stressed, Sean and Asbjorn are sent on a tropical vacation by their loving friends. It takes getting marooned on a deserted island to get the two stubborn guys to open up and really talk – while fighting for their lives in a struggle against the elements.




Relativistic Phenomena by Kate Pavelle


A hurricane and a case of mistaken identity leads to Tony and Kenichi meet way before Tony’s job interview for a position of Kenichi’s research team. The two particle physics prodigies struggle with social conventions as they strive to make it work.




Kickass Anthology | Kate Pavelle


The proceeds from the non-profit Kickass Anthology all go to author Eric Arvin to help with offset medical costs associated with paralysis following a brain surgery. Eric continues to write awesome books! Please check out his work at his Amazon site for a fresh look at gay romance, humor, horror, and supernatural.