Basket accounting and school jet-lag and paint.


So you’ll notice I haven’t been very active on my blog. There are times when life gets in the way of blogging as well as writing new stories and books, and this is one of them.


Long-gone are the leisurely days of summer when I’d roll out of bed at quarter to eight, make coffee, and settle on the front porch with my laptop. My daughter’s bus leaves at 6:38. It’s still dark out. She’s fifteen and capable of making her own lunch, but I enjoy coming downstairs and seeing her off. I’ll fill her bento box as long as she lets me – and it’s a fair trade, because she always unloads the dishwasher first thing in the morning.

Getting up early isn’t for wimps. It requires going to bed on time, which… well, it’s a work in progress. I have the worst time doing that. Say on Tuesday I got home from sword class few minutes after ten, and since my husband had some new mushrooms, I decided to paint one of them. Just a simple, small watercolor… which took an hour an a half. Geez, those little features on the stem took forever to render, and my colors weren’t getting rich enough, and… let’s just say, the next morning was a double-coffee kind of day.

Got all that? Now add physical labor. One of our tenants moved on, which makes this a great opportunity to fix up the upstairs rental apartment. Who knew those old house walls were so big? They have so many corners, too. Climbing up and down the chair to reach is a great workout (try it! Two hours, stay up there for thirty seconds while stretching and doing core isometrics, get down, bend over, repeat…), and it always feels so unfair that my phone pedometer doesn’t register all this as exercise. No, I am not “sedentary,” you idiotic app! I’m not even lightly active. I’m ACTIVE, or it sure feels like I am. Get over it. On the plus side, the apartment is almost painted, the wood is getting re-stained, and new carpets are arriving next week. It’s pretty!

Writing-wise, I’ve had some issues with royalties and a standing contract with one of my publishers. I’ll report on that later, as the situation is now under development. All I can do in the meanwhile is write, publish, repeat. If you’re curious about the general topic, look up this most excellent business blog post by Kris Kathryn Rush onĀ basket accounting. It’s down as #3 on her list of things to watch out for.

Happy reading and writing, everyone, and enjoy the lovely weather this weekend!


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