The dangers of wilderness dictation – plus a freebie story!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I splurged on Dragon Dictate on the theory that sitting for prolonged periods is bad, and if I can dictate the rough draft of my stories into my phone app, I’ll become a healthier writer. A writer who walks around more, and sits in the chair less. An aerobically fit writer – which is what you become when you dictate an action scene while hiking up a steep goat path.

What I haven’t mentioned is this: I’m directionally challenged. I happened to be driving out for a karate lesson, and since my teacher lives near a fairly wild park, I figured I’d get there early and set a timer. I’d proceed along this path and keep dictating until my timer went off. Then I’d turn back.

Apparently, I can cover a good bit of ground in twenty minutes, even while creating a new chapter and huffing and puffing up a hill covered in last year’s oak leaves (those woods look like a good chanterelle territory, by the way.) I made it up to the ridge, merged with one of those crazy bike paths with jumps on them, and kept walking. And dictating. What a lovely, sunny day! Budding trees, small dainty flowers poking through the duff, birds chirping in the leafless branches.

Up and down, left and right, uphill and – oops – downhill.

Long story short: I got lost. All I can say, hooray for that little blue dot on Google Maps, and an even bigger hooray for the directional indicator which shows the direction you’re facing! Bush-whacking my way to the right path, I was only a little late, and just a wee bit embarrassed. Getting lost is an old joke when it comes to my lack of navigation skills. Next time I decide to dictate in the woods, I’ll find a nice, wide access road that won’t lead me to anywhere unexpected.

I’ll leave the unexpected to my stories.

And, yeah, the karate lesson rocked! Love learning new stuff.

The horse cover up above, Horseplay, represents a visit with Attila and Kai of the “Wild Horses” fame, and is a NSFW peek at their play time.  The story is free story for newsletter subscribers (old or new), is available both on Amazon and all other e-book stores  for $2.99, and you can download iton this link:

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Likewise, we have two new audiobooks out. One is my own Olivette Devaux title, and the other is a “recommended audio” by Devyn Morgan. You can find them at the links below. Likewise, please be so kind and leave a review! (Again, those mushrooms. The good kind. The magical ones… well, not the hallucinogenic Psilocybe, I mean the *edible* ones! Shiitake, and stuff. And, thank you so much.)

Book 1 of the Disorderly Elements series, narrated by the lovely Kevin Chandler. Meet Cooper, an architect who doesn’t know why he can envision underground structures. Meet Ash, a water-whisperer, who helps Cooper get in touch with his earth-sense. A Pittsburgh-based paranormal gay romance with a beginning of a good relationship (Happy For Now).



Julian, who tries to conquer his fear of heights by tackling horseback riding, falls for his riding instruction, Cade. The fact that Julian takes charge of Cade’s broken ribs doesn’t hurt exactly, either. A contemporary gay romance with a happy ending. Narrated by Joe Formichella.




And now I’ll take the dog for a walk, and if things go well, I’ll pull out my phone and drop a few hundred words in the relative safety of my navigable, predictable neighborhood.



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