Author interview with P.D.Singer – plus a free holiday read!

Hi everyone! I have some news today. First, let me welcome Pam Singer, who graciously agreed to be interviewed about her riveting book on ocean wreck treasure hunters (and who wrote a short Christmas story just for us, one that… Read more

Loving good stock: Ramen at Aūbergine Bistro

  Soup weather arrived on blustery wind, the kind that rips the last orange leaves off sycamore trees and cuts to the skin with a whisper of a winter-cold promise. That wind, the rain, and the basil plants killed by… Read more

Back to School: craft workshops, bloody seminars.

Every so often I decide that I absolutely must learn something. Except learning something takes time and mindful effort, which sort of gets in the way of producing more words and finishing my already-begun books. I AM SO SWAMPED!!! Yes,… Read more

Bolete identificaton on your phone – know what you’re picking!

If you’re a funguy or a fungal, you know how painfully hard it can be to identify boletoid mushrooms in North America. There are more than 300 species with enough similarities to boggle the mind, and even though they contain… Read more

Kaepernick’s perfect protest and Dr. MLK’s words

Most of you know that I came to this country in search of freedom, liberty, and equal opportunity for all. My rose-colored glasses began to tarnish at the tender age of fourteen, when, as an English non-speaker, I was the… Read more

New release – “Final Dash,” Book 3 of SwimBikeRun

It’s finally here, and will be available on Amazon on September 7th! The last book of the trilogy. The end of the journey. The answer to at least part of Jesse’s past – and, of course, the race itself! That’s… Read more

SwimBikeRun 3, “Final Dash” on preorder! And more.

  Book 3 of the SwimBikeRun Trilogy, Final Dash, is available for preorder on Amazon. Which is very exciting, of course. If you want an ARC and are willing to trade a free read for an honest Amazon review, sign up… Read more