Kate Pavelle – books

Angst, uncertainty, humor, and the occasional dead body can appear in the following books.



51XRmZPhcoL._AA160_In 1979, a family of four leaves Czechoslovakia on a vacation that never ends. Pursued by government agents, homeless in West Germany, the family strives to reach the promised land of Amerika, a land of unfettered ambitions. Culture clash, language barrier, and peanut butter are all inexplicable constants of live while the whole family explores, adapts, and thrives. Based on real events.

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NakedGunCoverHot summer, conscripted soldiers, a chance to go AWOL for a bit of skinny-dipping. A story of soldiers in 1962, Cold War Czechoslovakia. Privates and officers were natural enemies, and any opportunity to score a coup against the brass was weighed adjacent the risk of dire consequences. What’s a bit of fun on the sly, while sticking together and confusing the enemy? This hilarious high tale, inspired by real events, is a stand-alone read within the Cancelled Czech Files series. For more Cancelled Czech Files, check out “On the Run.”

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