Like a Torrent: book 2 of Disorderly Elements, cover reveal and free read!

A new cover reveal, and a free read! My fabulous cover designer has delivered a finished cover for book 2 of the Disorderly Elements series, Like a Torrent, written under my Olivette Devaux pen name with Mason Winters. Now, this series is one I’m writing out of order, so let me explain how these things go:

1.First I wrote Like a Phoenix. People liked it, but they kept after me: “Won’t you tell us what happened before?” I thought about it, slept on it, my imaginary friends talked to me while I was in the shower (don’t ask…) and…

2.I wrote Book 1, Like a Rock. This book is mostly about Cooper Annaveinen, his family, and how he discovers the special nature of his abilities when he meets the more experienced Ash Ravenna.

2.5 Like a Rock is being narrated by the fabulous Kevin Chandler – in fact, he agreed to do the whole series! He narrated my Lucky Starflowers, along with several other books. If you like audio books, check him out, he really makes the characters come to life.

3.I’m finishing Book 2, Like a Torrent. This book is focused on Ash and the way he develops both his understanding of his abilities, and his relationship with Cooper. This book is coming out in late March/early April 2017.

3.5 I love these book covers! Emma Alisyn did Phoenix, but the rest of this series is designed by Miranda Pavelle. She also has a nifty shop on RedBubble, where she sells cool merchandise with her art on it. If you like dragons or space ports or funky illustrations, check her out!

4. Even though the first three books would make for a fine short series, there are enough subsidiary characters who keep chiming in and clamoring for a story of their own. Those books will be written, and published, IN ORDER. There is a bad guy, and a bunch of good guys, and if the good guys don’t win (and find their HEA, of course), Pittsburgh will suffer a massive earthquake and get all destroyed – and then my home’s property value will plummet, so I better get on it, and make sure there are enough happy endings to go around!

You won’t hear from me for about 2 weeks, because I’m traveling out to Oregon for a writer’s workshop. It’s one where we all wrote several stories for anthologies.We aren’t allowed to talk about it, but when I get back, I’ll share something that’s relevant to Disorderly Elements, okay?

To try Like a Rock, download the first few chapters at the Instafreebie link below. It will sign you up for my monthly newsletter, but you can always unsubscribe. If you are already on my newsletter, don’t worry, the system knows and you won’t get duplicate e-mails.

Claim Like a Rock here:

And just for the heck of it, here’s an audiobook I really enjoyed:

Handsome cowboy, meet ravishing ballet dancer. Hunky cowboy Clyde Walker grew up on a horse ranch working side by side with the rough and tough men who ran the place. When Clyde moved east for grad school, he didn’t expect to find romance with the type of guy more comfortable in tights and ballet slippers than in jeans and work boots.

Bonaventure “Bonnie” Rinaldi is jaded to pretty boys. However, as a favor to his best friend during an event at a snotty country club, the stunning Bonaventure becomes Clyde’s guide and dinner companion. Bonaventure discovers that chaperoning the smoldering stranger through the event is a nicer duty than most – Clyde is genuine, magnetic, refreshing. Sparks fly, passions ignite. Except Clyde is Boston-bound, and Bonnie’s the premier danseur with the Manhattan Contemporary Ballet Company. Twenty-four amazing hours together and endless weeks of a long-distance relationship can’t form a basis for life-changing decisions. Or can they? To make this work, they’d have to be Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonaventure and Clyde is a gay romance with happy ending, no cliff hangers, and explicit material.


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