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NEW RELEASE – the epic tale continues! !!!

Book 2 of the Disorderly Elements, LIKE A TORRENT,
sequel to Book 1, LIKE A ROCK,

Impossible task. Improbable odds. The love of a lifetime.

Two ordinary men, thrust together by the complicated world of Disorderly Elements.

Will they rise to the occasion?

Or will they level Pittsburgh in a devastating earthquake?



Every pen name in the tabs above will provide you with a different flavor of a reading experience. I encourage you to explore and read broadly, and to chime back.



KATE PAVELLE – the real me. My blog, crime fiction, historicals, and memoirs.

KS Pavelle – A bit of magic in our real world, geared toward both the young and the young-at-heart.

Olivette Devaux – hot romance, both straight and gay. My Kate Pavelle titles will migrate to the OD pen name as I regain rights to those books. 18+ readers only.